Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pissed...no, ENRAGED. Another favorite band flies under the radar.

Good morning, bitch central here.

Porcupine Tree passed through Seattle on 9/15. It's more than a month later, AND I'M JUST HEARING ABOUT IT NOW...and that's only happening because I happened to walk by a record store last week, where I saw this promo poster in the window saying: "PORCUPINE TREE ~ THE INCIDENT."

...so I thought: "Oh. P.T. must have a new one out. Strange that I was on the Burning Shed website two months ago and didn't hear anything about a new album."

I have a question for all of you...the world, whatever. How is it that two bands, that I've never seen before, simply fly under the radar when they come through town, and I HEAR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT?

Hey, don't mind me and my angst over this...P.T.'s only in my Top 5 of favorite rock bands, along names in the likes of Neil Young, Pink Floyd, and Rush...so yes. In my mind, this was like missing Pink Floyd on tour and not hearing about it.

It's not like I'm a casual fan either...I RUN A FRIGGIN MUSIC BLOG, for Christ's sake. I also make it a point to pick up a copy of the Seattle Weekly at least once a month, but can't always peter through their detailed music pages. It's information overload, and I don't like getting the newsprint on my fingers.

If it's not a major band, they're probably really limited on having a P.R. budget...so how does a person who's running their own business and being a caretaker to aging parents keep on top of it without driving themselves nuts? Even if you go to a band's website, something can change two months later and suddenly "poof" they've come and gone. Steven Wilson in particular is hard to keep up with, as the guy seems like he has literally a dozen projects going on at once. I can sit here on the P.T. website and stare at the "alerts" list, but what good is the goddam thing going to do me now, besides alerting me to stops on a tour that I've already missed? No thanks.

This is the second time this has happened to me this year...this happened before with The Church last spring.

Did anyone out there catch Porcupine Tree on their latest U.S. leg? How did you hear about it? Did anyone actually show up and attend the shows? I'm dying to know how you found out about it.

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