Saturday, June 22, 2013

Who's your favorite axe murderer rock star?

We can't all look handsome like the Beatles now, can we. So, that said, I'm submitting a pole to figure out which rock star, based solely on appearances, might be the most likely to be mistaken for an axe murderer.

Here's our contestants, presented in alphabetical order. See the pole to cast your vote in the top right margin of the blog.

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson took over the reign of scariness in the 1990s -- with a flash of originality and that over-the-edge creepiness that would make a grown man wake up screaming in his sleep. "Boo!" said the freaky eyeball satanic dude that went bump in the night.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy is the original evil bad boy of rock n roll. The Sabbath front man from the 70s had a knack for biting off the heads of doves and bats alike. Who's to say he's exclusive only to those animals? Watch out!

Robert Smith

Much like the Velvet Underground was to Flower Power in the late 60s, the front man from The Cure was the king of 80s weirdness. Smith influenced a generation of kids into the black clothing and anti-metal makeup-oozing styles that spun into the likes of goth & emo -- with plenty of funny hairdos -- for both females and males alike. Scaaaaarrrrry....

Roger Waters

Ah, it's Raa Jaa. Our favorite Floyd man. Waters has a style all his own....that combination of enigma, genius, and temperament-to-seemingly-go-awry sort of thing. He's our dark horse on this list. Hearing his speech and his lanky body motions would definitely do him justice for this list, but unfortunately all we have to go by is a photo. You can bet that Raa Jaa's arch enemy, Andrew Lloyd Weber, would be his first target....that is, if he hasn't smashed the opera man's fingers in the piano cover already.

Neil Young

Good 'ol Neil. We can't help but feel love for this peace-promoting icon, but if you haven't been exposed to his music and all you've ever been able to do is see a photo, you'd probably run the other way screaming. That glare that burns through your back. Ack!

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