Friday, May 28, 2010

Song "Caravan" Out June 1, Name of New Rush Album Revealed

Heads up!: Spoiler alert involving title of Rush album slated for release in 2011!

With two new tunes available for download next Tuesday and their Time Machine Tour starting in June, more information from the Rush camp keeps getting revealed.

The band has been recording a handful of songs through the spring, with the intention of releasing a couple of them as MP3 downloads and limited edition CD singles, then taking the material out on the tour to road test it.  

The new songs "Caravan" and "BU2B" will be available on June 1, next Tuesday, for download through Amazon and other sources.

The plan following this short 2010 summer tour is to go back into the studio and record the remaining songs (and perhaps even re-recording the two songs if they evolve on the tour) for completing a forthcoming album in 2011.

So that being said, the last thing folks in the Rush camp were expecting was a leak of the album name...but that's what's so beautiful about surprises...they're so, well, unexpected...right?

It turns out that the new album will be called Clockwork AngelsThis is the source, which appears to be that's the latest and greatest.

FYI: the image you see here is the CD single for "Caravan"...which appears to have song lyrics as part of the background.