Monday, April 27, 2009

Rush: A great interview every time

The release of Retrospective 3 has generated much interest in the Rush camp lately.

The band is a major plot point to the recent movie
I Love You Man. It seems like the band is in one of it's "hip periods" with the general public, something that doesn't happen often.

Like, uh, ever...except for perhaps the period from 1980-82, over the succession of the releases
Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Exit...Stage Left, and Signals.

It should dissipate soon, I can hear Rush fans hoping...and it would be nice if it was before the next tour, so I can get front row seats for under $500, lol.

After listening in on interviews by the band over the last 25 years, I'm amazed very time Ged, Alex, and Neil ~ individually, collectively, or in some combination thereof ~ present a fascinating interview for the listener.

It seems that each member brings in a different spin and insight of the band, and has something fresh to present.
Maybe that's why they're interviewed so much.

Not only is the band Rush fascinating, but what its members have to say is of great interest...and I'm sure I'm not biased.

Here's yet another great interview from
In the Studio with Redbeard, on the 35th Anniversary of the debut album...with more interesting insights.

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