Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I know...I know...METAL hasn't been represented here

Metal, in it's many forms and splendor, hasn't been represented on this blog.

Sorry to those metal fans out there. Maybe that will change and we can spice things up a bit around here soon.

If you can forgive me, it's been lost a bit for a combination of reasons. First, when it comes to the ballpark if you will of hard rock and heavy metal, I tend to gravitate toward the bands I really like.

While some of the bands I've covered ~ such as Rush and Porcupine Tree ~ can be interpreted as a sort of metal (some of those bands which appear in that metal documentary I mentioned some time back), I realize in the eyes of a true metal fan it's seen as something different, and that Rush, for example, probably doesn't qualify.

My other excuse would be that when I'm not talking about my favorite bands, my mind is occupied with other genres of music such as jazz, classical, blues, opera, etc.

What can I say, I like variety. I see variety as a good thing in that my life has become richer as a result.

Also, you never could be a hardcore metal fan, and not realize that a jazz nut lies within...only because you haven't tried it yet!

While I have some knowledge of the big metal bands over the ages, there's definitely some folks out there who are more well-versed than I am. I'll try to feature it a bit more here.

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