Friday, March 21, 2008

THE REVIEW CORNER -- Miles Davis: Kind of Blue. Orig. issued 1959. Columbia, 2004 DualDisc reissue.

Here it is. The ultimate jazz masterpiece sounding better than ever.

The album is available in the DualDisc format, which means that it's one disc that's two sided. On one side is the remastered CD version of the album, and the other side is a DVD with the 5.1 Surround Sound version.

Usually the DVD music discs have other goodies on them, and this one doesn't dissapoint as it has a mini-documentary Made in Heaven - The Story of Kind of Blue, in which there are interviews with Bill Cosby, Herbie Hancock Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes, Me'Shell NdegeOcello, Q-Tip, Shirley Horn, Jackie McClean, John Scofield, Jimmy Cobb and others. There's also a historic photo gallery to boot.

The track listing goes as follows:

  1. So What
  2. Freddie Freeloader
  3. Blue in Green
  4. All Blues
  5. Flamenco Sketches
  6. Flamenco Sketches (alternate take)
I recommend hearing this work for the first time when you have some chill time.

The album is simply ethereal, with all the qualities that make jazz music great. It all begins with the mysterious first minute of "So What," where you don't quite know what direction the tune is going to take, and then it settles into a bluesy groove that's best described as a knife through soft butter. The rest of the opening track, and the album for that matter, follows with too many twists and turns to mention. It's a journey. It's an experience.

Take a listen for yourself and feel the magic...and I can't wait to hear this monster on 5.1 Surround Sound.

I give this 6 OUT OF 5 STARS. An ESSENTIAL recording that should be on any desert island list...and if you ever own ONLY ONE jazz album in your lifetime, this should be it.

Hopefully you'll own more than one, however. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. S

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