Monday, December 10, 2007

John Zorn/Earshot situation, final chapter

It's been resolved...

Earshot Jazz mailed me a refund for the botched John Zorn performance from last month. There is justice in this world.

Because of their fairness and the way they handled the matter, they're more likely than ever to get me to buy in on a season's pass sometime in the future at future Earshot Jazz festivals.

I support their efforts, even though that might be a laughable statement considering that I just got my money back from them... and the director's still a condescending prick, but whatever, I'm not worried about him. I understand that not everyone can be a good communicator and that he's simply "caught up in the art of it all."

Here's the jazz festival's website:
Earshot Jazz :: Seattle, Washington. Lots of interesting information, and they get many decent acts. S

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