Sunday, November 18, 2007

On my birthday, my happy place is with music.

Ah, it's November 18. Today, for my 39th birthday, the listing started with Quadrophenia by The Who, then moved onto their Live at Albert Hall DVD from 2001.

Then I spent some time downtown with KJ and explored antique furniture stores, and took a trip into the Smith Tower, where we were able to eavesdrop on a Seahawks game below. I picked up an interesting poster of Seattle in the late 19th Century; a bird's eye view of the city and Elliot Bay before it filled in the harbor to form what today exists as the "Sodo District."

After getting home this evening, I watched a documentary on the making of The Band's second eponymous album, and moved onto portions of The Last Waltz DVD by the same band.

Being the stubborn Scorpio that I am, I go in streaks and musical binges; so my day's ending with The Band, as I noodle around their catalog on the iPod. After considering them, I'm sure I'll helicopter into some bluegrass or country.

Off to listen to some tunes and read a bit, ciao! S

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