Monday, September 24, 2007

"The Music Project" is launched!

Hey there, music peeps!

I figured I needed to start a blog that's dedicated specifically to music, since I have something on every day, and that usually turns into more than just one something. I also have found that over the years my palate has diversified, so there seems to be lots of music to write about.

Plus, this might be a good way for me to save some cash and write about music rather than going out to buy it---one of my very favorite pastimes---perusing the record stores. It's a habit that refuses to be kicked, I usually need more and more, and I have many enablers in my life who also have the habit. I can say however, with great authority and conviction, that despite all the cash I've blown on music over the years---it will never add up to the pleasure and satisfaction it has given me.

I try to keep things entertaining and light, with plenty of anecdotes and stories, in addition to a few animated opinions (but only a few)... So I hope you enjoy it and keep coming back!

So feel free to comment and let me know what's on your mind with some of the posts. Rock on, groove on, jazz on, symphony on, or whatever sort of music blows your hair back!

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